Changing Regulations
We ensure we keep up to date with all recent changing legislation, best working practices, and not least the new Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. If you are the "Responsible Person" seeking advice please contact us.


We can offer surveys and advice on all aspects of British Standards, council requirements, insurance recommendations, especially to rented property landlords, multi occupancy homes, flats, guest houses, hotels, large and small factory units, shops and offices.


Fire Extinguishers
You would be visited by a BAFE Registered Technician who can talk you through any extinguisher problems or future projects and even probably do the work there and then.


Fire Alarm Systems
Should you require servicing, maintenance, repair to faults, replacement of parts, or just to know how to test it, we can advise.


We can also include surveys for new systems, extensions for older systems, and offer recommendations and prices.


Fire Risk Assessments
If you’re the "Responsible Person" for the premises, you need a risk assessment. We can offer either a whole new one or just review and revise your existing risk assessment.


Fire Safety Training
A range of courses from 'How to use an extinguisher' to 'Fire warden training'. From a couple of people to hundreds of people, our courses are tailor made to your needs.


Avon Extinguishers